Alarm “These are my ematic values, reveal them”.
Mr Marchetti talks, a professional cyclist “I’m fed up hearing that we are all drugged: these are my blood tests, and i want to repeat them every month” he presented himselp to the Acqua Acetosa Istitute and he accorded for the blood test on Tuesday. Rome An imbarassing phone call “I’m a professional cyclist, we have to see each other”. Ok, what do we have to talk about? “About dopping”.Who are you?” Probably my name and surname won’t say any thing to you however. My name is Maurizio Marchetti I’m from Sezze, Latina. I’ve lived a long carrier of amateur, I’ve made some good victories in 1988 at the Block Hans it was the most fascinating of all. From last year I’m a professional cycler with the San Marco group pf Giupponi, and with the Ideal of Marino Basso”. And this year? I suppose I remain with Basso, I hope.I should “sing the contact in the next days” wath is your problem? “Its that I cant stand hearing that we are all drogged. We have to rebel ourselves”.How? ” I have an idea, I shall explain it to you”.
He gives us an appointment: yesterday morning at the science istitute Acqua Cetosa at Rome. Here we are ready to hear Maurizio Marchetti. Frist of all he gives us all his ematic values from 1986 up to today, pratically since he goes seriusly on bicicle “These are all my blood tests he says, the organistic and non organoistic period. Yous can show them to everyone, they are at you disposition.
In efect, reading them, the balance between emoglobin and emacrotic are minium in the race season and lowest that in the agonistic seasons. “I wanted you’s to come with me to the doctors of the istitute because I intention to do something: I want to voluontary do a blood test. Non quickly. I want to be able to come here every two months once a month, everytime yous want me to come. And everytimeto pubblic my values. We cant go on like this. A hundred percent of the runners are drugged, seventy percent 90 percent, what is all this non sence we are men that sacrifice themselves on the bicycles and then we have to hear people talking bad about us”.
Well this is the problem dear Maurizio, that the classification with the doping is not done the sacrifice or the hard work, but something else “yes but I dont like all this sayng all of them take it and soon. We have to do less talking and do more controlls, without any threshold. I have a certain value like and I can dimostrade that during my season this valuemoves just a little bit so little that its nothing, it goes even down”.
We go in to the istitute the rooms are deserted lost of people are on holiday. Doctor Gallozzi hears the words of Maurizio.In the bigging hes perplexed, then he applauds him for this initiative. The problem is that the laboratory for the blood tests is closed and will open on tuesday. By telephone he gets in contact with the director of the laboratory. Professor Carlo Tranquilli, that is also the doctor of the National under 21 of football: “Tuesday the laboratory will reopen, come when you wan’t”. Maurizio is satisfied and he goes away.
But now the cycler wants to explain his manners “I know that everyone is asking thems eleves ‘what does he wants hes nobody?’ I might not be nobody, but I’m with the other cyclists as well its a life that I go and if they say ‘you’s all are drogged’ I shall ribel.I thing that ther’s a lot of people that wants to ribel, they want to do like me, probably we need the frist one to start.I also do it for this, I havent got enought confidence to ask the others to joun me and to be controlled together. I contacted you’s for this.Yes, I serche publicity I want my proposal to be expeted by other colleague’s wath’s wrong about this? I race because I like it, I love cyting”.
Up to here Maurizio we have to say that he proyed us to go with him to the Acqua Acetosa on the 7 of January and to registrate his blood test values and to pubblies them. Certainly it wold be nice if we had a lot like Maurizio if quite a few could go ahead and propose themsalues but not sufficent for the threshold that Bugno and Fondriest have brought to Losanna to the president of the international cyclist federation hein Verbruggen. It would be a good kick to all the suspects.
For this initiative of Marchetti worried for being Mr nobody, is’nt just the revolt of a loser with a minum of wages, but there’s something else.Because coming from the world, so growded, for someone who never wins (but it isìnt his fault if he is not better than the others). However his case can’t remain isolated “there are quite a few people that thinks it like me includes Marchetti cycling is not what they say”.

Gianni Bondini
Valerio Piccioni