Montreal, september 11, 2006
Mr. Maurizio Marchetti
Via strada Vecchia  04018 Sezze (LT) Italy

Dear Mr. Marchetti,
Mr. Richard Pound, Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), was verypleased to receive your letter regarding your anti-doping education activies in the Lazio region, and has requested that I respond on his behalf.
Please accept WADA’s sincere congratulations on your anti-doping efforts. WADA’s EducationDepartment is a strongbeliever in the value of sarin in-person accounts of the conseguences of doping in sport Because it appears to be such a significant and effective means of conveyng the anti-doping message, the Education Department wants toencourage WADA’s stakeholders to make similar efforts in arrangig for individuals with powerful human stories about doping to address groups of all kinds (children,parents, atlete of all levels, coaches, medical staff, support personnel, sports team managers, and media)  about the profondly negative impact of doping in sport.
We would be pleased to consider some formo f collaboration that wouldresult in extending the anti-doping message to students of all ages in schools throughout Italy, as well a sto other target groups. Meantime, and in order to assist us in determining what form any such collaboration might take, i would be very grateful if  you would consider providing me with additional, detalied information (if at all possible, in English or in French) regarding the format and the contento f  the presentation that you have already made at which you have spoken.
Thank you again form your continued interest in and your positive contribution to the fight agaist doping in sport.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours trouly,
Julie Carter  Director-Education

cc:       David Howman, Director General
           Richard W. POund, Chairman